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Designer, Illustrator, Stop-Motion Artist


Paprika C. is a wearer of many hats and an asker of many questions.



Guru Studio

Toronto, Canada · Oct. 2018 – Present

Project: Pikwik (Disney Jr.)
• Designed and coloured majority of character and props
• Location design and colour
• Worked closely with team members and art director to create episodic funpacks on tight deadlines, with minimal revisions from the distributor.
• Created templates and guides for other designers in order to improve workflow.


Lapaire Productions

Oct. 2017 – Present

Project: “peopleWatching” (CBC Digital)
• Character, costume, and prop design for 2D animation
• BG design and painting
• File optimisation

Freelance Designer and Animator

Cuppa Coffee Studios

April 2017 – May 2017

Project: Spots for Kids' Choice Sports Awards (Nickelodeon)
• Character and BG design
• Rough to colour 2D hand-drawn animation
• Mural design and illustration for Cuppa Coffee Studios

Freelance Designer & Animator

Cuppa Coffee Studios

Toronto, Canada · Aug. 2016 – Oct. 2016

• Designed characters and layouts for an animated sequence for CW’s“Jane the Virgin”
• Painted backgrounds in Adobe Photoshop
• Posed and animated 2D puppets in ToonBoom Harmony
• Followed tight schedule and made revisions based on client’s feedback

Independent Business Owner

Papricots Etsy

Dec. 2015 – Present

• Creating and designing products for sale
• Rendering designs in Photoshop and Illustrator
• Managing all financials and ordering of supplies
• Customer service and support

Independent Film Project

Sheridan College

Oakville, Canada · Sept 2015 – Present

• Storyboarded, designed, fabricated, and animated on thesis project
• Gained proficiency in stop-motion filmmaking equipment such as lights, cameras, and Dragonframe software

Stop-Motion Animation Intern

TInman Creative

Toronto, Canada · April 2015 – June 2015

• Designed and created stop-motion animation projects for the studio’s demo reel.
• Fabricated and animated on “Armanoot”
• Worked collaboratively to complete animations for clients